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Tired of feeling stuck in a performance slump or overshadowed by team dynamics?

Elevate Your Athletic Game in Just 6 Weeks Without Doubting Your Abilities

Do you feel like your potential is just out of reach, despite your hard work and dedication?

You deserve a coach who has not only faced similar challenges but has mastered the art of overcoming them to achieve greatness.

Gain the Mental Edge

Unleash Your Full Potential

Build Mental Toughness

For Athletes Dreaming of Greatness But Held Down By Mental Blocks

Unfulfilled Potential

Feeling of being held back by injuries or negative self-talk

Career Slump

Overlooked for scholarships or team positions because your performance isn't consistent

Questioning Ability

Constantly doubting your capability and potential in your sport

athletic performance dreams beyond grasp

Ever Felt Like Your Athletic Dreams Are Just Beyond Your Grasp?

It's disheartening when you know you have the talent but somehow can't perform at your best when it matters. It can make you feel as if you're not living up to your potential, especially when you put in the work day in and day out.

This feeling can persist, making each game harder than the last. You might see opportunities slip through your fingers because you're not at your mental peak. You end up feeling as though you're not progressing in your sport.

Have you ever...

Stood on the field, court, or track, paralyzed by the pressure, allowing fear to dominate your performance?

Questioned if you have what it takes to achieve your athletic goals, feeling overwhelmed by doubt?

Laid awake at night thinking about the victories that were so close, yet seemed so far because your mindset wasn't aligned with your physical ability?

If any of these sound familiar, you're in the right place.

In sports, not only is physical ability critical, but having the right mindset is crucial to standing out and overcoming barriers.

Break Free From The Mental Shackles Holding You Back

There's More To Athletic Success Than Just Physical Training

Now is the time to break free from the mental chains holding you back. In just 6 weeks, you can transform your mindset, enhance your focus, and ignite the inner motivation needed to pursue your sports dreams fearlessly.

With my Winning the Athletic Mind Game program, you will:

Overcome athletic performance anxiety and eliminate negative self-talk
Enhance your focus and mental clarity during crucial moments
Build resilience to bounce back stronger from setbacks
Increase your confidence, believing fully in your abilities
Master the mental strategies used by top athletes worldwide
More To Athletic Success Than Physical Training

How It Works

Foundation of Confidence

Together, we build a strong foundation of self-confidence. We do this by identifying and challenging any negative beliefs you have about yourself and your abilities. Then utilize personalized hypnosis sessions and NLP techniques, we’ll work to replace these beliefs with positive, empowering ones.

Boosted Self-Confidence
Reduced Anxiety
Clearer Goal Setting

Mental Skills Mastery

Once your confidence starts to solidify, we’ll dive into mastering key mental skills, including focus, visualization, and resilience. You’ll learn how to maintain concentration during critical moments and visualize success, which primes your body to perform at its best.

Enhanced Focus
Powerful Visualization
Increased Resilience

Performance Optimization

We apply everything you’ve learned to optimize your performance. We’ll refine your mental strategies and tailor them to your specific sport, ensuring you can enter the ‘zone’ at will and perform under pressure.

Peak Performance Readiness
Stress Management
Consistency in Performance

Get The Support, Accountability, and Guidance You Need To Conquer Your Athletic Mind Game

  • Elevated Mental Resilience

    Build a tougher mental framework to face challenges in sports and life with unwavering strength

  • Sharpened Focus

    Master the art of concentration, allowing you to keep your eyes on the prize, regardless of distractions

  • Enhanced Performance Under Pressure

    Learn techniques to perform at your best when the stakes are high, turning anxiety into achievement

  • Increased Motivation and Passion

    Reignite your love for the game, pushing you to work harder and achieve more

  • Overcoming Performance Slumps

    Develop strategies to break free from periods of under-performance and return to your peak

  • Stronger Team Dynamics

    Improve communication and collaboration with teammates, enhancing team performance and personal satisfaction

Jane Wilson

Owner, Blossom Coaching

From Personal Challenge to Championing Others

After conquering cancer and the mental battles that came with it, I, Jo Moon, learned the profound impact of mental strength on overcoming life’s greatest challenges. My journey through darkness taught me the power of the mind, not just for survival but for thriving beyond imagined limits.

  • Survived cancer by harnessing the power of hypnosis and mental conditioning.
  • Transitioned my life and career to help others unlock their mental and athletic potential.
  • Developed "Winning the Athletic Mind Game" from firsthand experience and extensive training.

Now, I'm committed to helping athletes like you. Those who are ready to break free from the mental barriers holding them back, to not only achieve but exceed their athletic goals. Together, we'll turn your aspirations into achievements, proving that no mental block is too big to overcome.

Elevate Your Game & Mindset

five stars

“If you're seeking a high level professional in sports hypnosis, look no further than Jo Moon. Her expertise is evident in her profound knowledge base and engaging teaching style. Jo is not only generous with her materials but also brings extensive hands-on experience with a diverse client base, offering practical and real-life applications of her techniques. I approached Jo keen to master the latest in peak performance training and mental conditioning for athletes to expand my own business. Jo delivered exactly what I needed, providing me with a comprehensive framework to implement effectively. I highly recommend Jo Moon to anyone serious about leveraging the benefits of sports hypnosis.”

Amanda Wright

Unlock the Power of Your Athletic Mind & Potential

With a coach who has walked the toughest paths, understands the mental struggles of athletes, and has the proven strategies to guide you to victory.

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Let’s outline a clear plan for elevating your mental game

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Dive Into Your Customized Mental Toughness Program

We'll tackle your specific barriers with hypnosis and NLP techniques, setting the stage for breakthroughs.

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Achieve New Levels of Athletic Excellence

With your mental barriers lifted, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. Let’s unleash your true athletic potential.

Unlock Your Athletic Potential. Overcome Mental Blocks. Excel in Your Sport.

Don't let another game go by feeling like you could have done more. It's time to unleash the powerhouse within you.

As your sports hypnotist and mental coach, I help you:

  • Navigate through mental barriers to find your true strength.
  • Focus like never before, shutting out distractions effortlessly.
  • Turn setbacks into comebacks with resilience and determination.
  • Reach and surpass your athletic goals with newfound confidence.

Cultivate a winning mindset that transforms how you play and live.

Schedule Your Athletic Mindset Coaching Discovery Call Today

Unlock Your Athletic Potential

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes, I'll give you small tasks and exercises to practice on your own. These help you use what we talk about in real life and in your sport. It's like practicing physical drills for your sport - we also need to practice mental skills to get better.

Answer: Some athletes start to feel different and perform better in the first week. But everyone is different. Usually, by the end of the 4-week program, you'll notice you're doing better in your sport, feeling more confident, and not getting so hung up on the tough parts.

Answer: While I don't heal injuries with magic, I can help your mind be a strong partner in your healing. We'll work on staying positive, focused, and patient while your body heals. This can sometimes make it feel like you're getting better faster because you're not so stressed.

Answer: No, you don't have to be the best already. This program is for any athlete who wants to get better, feel more confident, and enjoy their sport more. Whether you're just starting or have been playing for years, I can help you improve.

Answer: Hypnosis is a tool I use to help you focus very deeply. It's like when you're so into a game or a movie that you forget everything else around you. It's completely safe. I've learned a lot about it and only use it to help you get better at your sport by working on what you think and feel.

Answer: No, you won't lose control. When we use hypnosis, you're still fully in charge of what you do and say. Think of it more like me guiding you through a deep relaxation where you can think clearer about how to be a better athlete.

Answer: Yes! We can meet over Zoom, so it feels like we're in the same room. You'll need a quiet place where you can relax and focus without interruptions. During our calls, we talk, and I guide you through exercises and strategies to help your mind help you in your sport.

Find your edge. Feel the victory. Achieve your dreams.

Stop letting mental barriers define your performance.

Start breaking through them, with confidence and conviction, ready to shine in your sport like never before.