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Tired of feeling like your health condition defines every aspect of your life?

Face Health Challenges With Confidence and Hope So You Can Thrive

Do you feel like you're constantly battling not just your health, but the stress and uncertainty it brings too?

You deserve someone who truly gets it, who has faced down their own health nightmares, and knows the steps to rise above.

Feel Stronger Inside

Empower Your Health Choices

Live Fully Beyond Your Condition

For Those Fighting Health Battles and Feeling Overwhelmed


Tired from trying to manage your health while life continues to demand your attention


Feeling like you're on an island, where no one truly understands the weight you carry


Constantly questioning your strength and your ability to cope with your health challenges

health wellness health struggles drowning life

Ever Feel Like Your Health Struggles Are Drowning Out the Rest of Your Life?

It's overwhelming when your health concerns take over, making it hard to enjoy life or see beyond your current situation. It can leave you feeling sidelined, missing out on what matters most to you.

This relentless pressure can sap your energy, leaving you too drained to pursue the things you love or to connect with those around you. You might find yourself retreating more, missing out on life's moments because of the fear and frustration your health issues stir up.

Have you ever...

Felt sidelined in your own life, watching as others move forward, feeling stuck because of your health?

Wondered if it's possible to find peace or even happiness when health concerns loom so large?

Laid awake, wishing for a day when your health doesn't dictate what you can and cannot do?

If any of these sound familiar, you're in the right place.

Facing health issues head-on, with the right support, can change everything.

Embrace a New Outlook on Your Health and Life

Life Is About More Than Just Battling Illness

Now is the time to push back against the constant noise of health concerns. In just a few short weeks, learn how to manage the emotional and physical challenges of your condition, find peace amidst the storm, and reclaim the joy in your life.

With my Health & Wellness Program, you will:

Utilize simple techniques to manage fear, stress, and uncertainty
Uncover simple, impactful ways to integrate healthy eating, regular physical activity, and better sleep into your routine
Develop the ability to see possibilities and hope, even in the face of health challenges
Gain skills to communicate more effectively with loved ones, building stronger, more supportive connections
Make informed decisions about your health and wellness
health wellness cope with health challenges

How It Works

Emotional Mastery

I show you how to handle your feelings about your health. It's like learning to steer a boat in stormy weather instead of letting the waves toss you around. We work on understanding your emotions and finding calmness inside.

Feel Less Scared
Stress Less
Find More Happy Moments

Wellness Habits

Next, we talk about your daily routines, like eating right and moving your body. It's like putting the right fuel in your boat and making sure it's strong for the journey. I help you figure out easy changes that make a big difference in how you feel.

More Energy
Eat Better
Feels Better and Stronger

Positive Outlook

The last part is all about seeing the good ahead. It's like knowing there are sunny days after the storm. We work on setting goals that excite you and finding hope no matter how tough things get.

Dream Big
Feel Hopeful
Smile More

Get The Support, Guidance, and Accountability You Need To Navigate Your Health Challenges

  • Regain Emotional Balance

    Find stability in your emotions, helping you face your health condition with strength and peace

  • Enhance Wellness Habits

    Adopt and maintain healthier lifestyle practices that support your physical and mental well-being

  • Make Empowered Health Decisions

    Become more decisive about your treatment and care, reducing doubt and second-guessing

  • Improve Your Quality of Life

    Rediscover joy and satisfaction in daily activities, despite the challenges of your health condition

  • Build Resilient Relationships

    Communicate more effectively and strengthen your connections with family and friends, even as you cope with your health

  • Foster a Positive Outlook

    Cultivate an attitude that helps you see beyond the immediate struggles, fostering hope and positivity

Jo Moon

Owner, Springfield Hypnosis

From Facing My Own Health Scare To Guiding Others Through Theirs

Battling cancer was the toughest fight I've ever faced. It wasn't just the physical toll; the emotional whirlwind was overwhelming.

  • Enduring treatment after treatment, never knowing if it would be enough
  • The constant cloud of uncertainty and fear, making even good days hard
  • Feeling isolated, as if no one could truly understand the battle

But I discovered the power of hypnosis and mindset shifts in managing my health crisis. It wasn't easy, but I emerged with a new purpose: to support others like you through their health challenges.

Now, I'm here to share the strategies that helped me regain control over my health and emotions. If you're feeling overwhelmed by your health condition, I understand what you're going through, and I know how to help.

Matthew Overcame Long-Term Problems

five stars

"Jo helped me to overcome problems that i have had a long time and thought I would always have, I am extremely lucky to have found someone as experienced and talented as her."

Matthew Coble

Get the Strength to Face Your Health Condition

With a guide who's been through the fire, understands your struggle, and can light the way forward.

health wellness call


Schedule a Free Wellness Call

Let's create a clear plan to manage your health challenges together.

health wellness personalized wellness plan


Follow Your Personalized Wellness Plan

Together, we'll tailor strategies that address both your physical and emotional needs.

health wellness embrace each day with hope


Embrace Each Day With Hope and Strength

Your health condition doesn't define you. Let's ensure it doesn't control your life, either.

Susan Conquered Stress and Anxiety

five stars

"Suffer greatly from stress and anxiety. Going back to college and test anxiety was awful. With Jo's help i learned how to deal with it. Third week in class had 3 test and passed them all. For the first time I believe I can pass school and get my degree"

Susan Boyd

Unlock Your Ability to Cope With Health Challenges

It's time to address your health condition with courage and support.

I'm here to help you:

  • Stabilize your emotions and find peace in the chaos
  • Adopt healthful practices that support your overall wellness
  • Navigate your treatment with confidence and clarity
  • Reclaim joy in your daily life, despite your health challenges

Strengthen your relationships and build a supportive network

Schedule Your Health & Wellness Coaching Discovery Call Today

health wellness life is more than illness

Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnotherapy is a way to talk to your mind in a deep, focused state. It can help you feel less scared and stressed about your health. It can also make it easier for you to eat better and move more. I use it to help you feel stronger inside and happier every day.

No, you won't lose control. During hypnosis, you're still awake and in charge. I guide you to relax and focus, but you decide what you're comfortable with. It's like having a map but choosing where to go.

Some people start feeling better after just a few sessions. But usually, in 4 to 8 weeks, you'll notice big changes. You'll feel less worried, have more energy, and start seeing the good in life again.

Yes, it can. While it doesn't replace medical treatment, it can make dealing with a serious health condition easier. It helps you handle stress, eat and sleep better, and find joy in life, which is important when you're dealing with something big.

We can work around your schedule. The sessions can be online, and I offer different times so it can fit into your life, even if you're really busy. It's like finding time for a quick walk; there's always a way.

This service focuses on using hypnotherapy along with talking. It's about working with your mind in a special way to change how you feel and act. A therapist talks with you about your problems, but I use special techniques to help you change from the inside.

Embrace Your Health Condition With Strength and Optimism

Stop feeling overwhelmed by your health challenges.

It's time to live a life defined by hope, not your condition.