Woman Undergoes Knee Surgery without Anesthetic

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I thought you’d be interested in seeing this video I have linked further down in the post. Recently, in the world news there have been a number of videos of surgeries performed without chemical anesthesia. The pain control method of choice is hypnosis.

In Britain in the spring of 2008, a gentleman who has been a hypnotherapist for 30 years had a hernia surgery using only self-hypnosis for anesthesia. In this video, a woman undergoes arthroscopic knee surgery using hypnosis.

Click the link to see the July 7, 2008 BBC report – 2 minutes in length

Knee Surgery using Hypnosis

In the 21st century, many physicians have forgotten (or never learned) that in the 19th century hypnosis was used as anesthesia for invasive surgeries. It was employed by surgeons prior to the discovery of ether. Once chemical anesthesia was shown to be reliable, the use of hypnosis went out of vogue.

I have seen other surgeries where hypnosis has been used. In some hospitals, not only is the surgeon trained in hypnosis but so too are the operating room staff. With the entire medical team trained, a supportive atmosphere is created where the patient is calm, comfortable, and skillfully assisted in their hypnotic state.

As you can see from this video, the patient reported some pressure and pulling but did not experience pain.


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