Will the Royal Birth of Duchess Kate Middleton’s Baby Be Made Easier Through Hypnosis?

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Since Kate Middleton left the hospital last winter after a terrible bout of morning sickness, the British Press has been talking about her now using hypnosis to control her queasyness. And, in June, they began speculating about her use of self-hypnosis for the delivery.

Here’s a link to a Huffington Post article about Middleton and childbirth hypnosis:


Duchess Kate Middleton, like so many others, has learned that “getting into the right frame of mind” is vital to a comfortable and pleasant delivery. She is reportedly listening to childbirth hypnosis CD’s to assist in a happy pregnancy and peaceful delivery.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a “Royal” to enjoy the same comfort and peace of mind that Kate Middleton is enjoying. I’ve been teaching these same techniques in Springfield to women from all over Southwest Missouri since 2006.

I start with meeting expectant mothers and their birth partners early in the third trimester. Most sessions are about 2 hours. During that time couples learn self-hypnosis, how to create their own hypno-anesthesia, new ways to use visualization, keywords and touch that assist in instant relaxation, and more.

Check out these You Tubes from a Dateline show regarding hypnosis for childbirth:

Here is part 2:

Hypnosis truly is a gentle way to welcome a baby into this world without the use of chemicals that lower their APGAR scores or even endanger their respiratory systems. Epidurals often leave moms feeling numb or even in prolonged labor that then requires other drugs such as Pitocin to speed it up.

Often when using hypnosis during labor, moms look like they are sleeping but they really are in a deep state of self-hypnosis and fully in control of their own comfort. For many women, their labors are shorter and the delivery is easier.

Hypnosis is a pleasant compliment or adjunct to proper medical care.

Please call if I can answer any questions you have about having a gentle birth using hypnosis. The number is 417-848-7946.




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