Fear of Test Taking Transformed thru Hypnosis

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Have you ever prepared for a test but found your heart racing and your palms getting sweaty even just thinking about it? For some, this starts in childhood and for others the pressure of having to make the grade whacks them up the side of the head as they age. Fear of the scrutiny of one’s own abilities can cause racing hearts and minds to go blank.

As a hypnotist, I see this not only in children but in adults. Kids worry that they won’t get grandpa’s $20 dollar bill for an “A” on their report card. Other children just can’t accept disappointment from their parents over their grades. The pressure builds and they get sick to their stomach every day a quiz or test is scheduled. Absenteeism builds up.

For adults, it can be worse. Maybe they face taking their broker exam or that final in a required course for college graduation. They are working 40+ hours, taking care of the kids and house, commuting, and life is tense with their spouse. For them, life is literally on the line. Expectations are enormous and there is no room for error.

When so much is at stake, it’s easy to fall into the fright or flight syndrome. The body wants to run, to escape this terror. The mind simply wants to block it all out and shut down.

You’ve seen them – the students sitting down the row with their head in their hands, pencil chewed to pieces looking like they want to cry. Maybe they are the student who scribbles a few answers, picks up their stuff, slams a half completed paper on the teacher’s desk, and bounds out of the room.

Maybe you didn’t see them because it was you?


Through the use of hypnosis, students are able to master self-confidence and overcome their test taking apprehension. Now, make no mistake, studying is still required, but by developing an inner state of calm, blocks to memory and recall are opened and information flows from the subconscious to the conscious mind where it is accessible to the student when needed – during the test.

Using this form of mental conditioning is powerful. Students learn to take negative stress and manipulate it into a fount of personal creativity.

Author and hypnotist Pierre Clement states in his book, “Self-hypnosis, as a matter of fact, is TODAY a much used tool for transforming a normal person into an “above-normal” one.”


…imagine changing from an average student into and above-average student.

Working with a trained hypnotist will help you not only overcome stress and worries about test taking but it will aid you in accelerating your learning speed, developing powerful recall and memory, and improving focus and concentration.

In other words, you can eliminate the fear and physical discomfort, get mastery over your mind, and start experiencing a new, more successful you.

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Jo Moon

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