Random Thoughts Worth a Read

Ongoing Weight Loss Success

By Jo Moon / May 7, 2010

I’ve just heard from one of the winter weight reduction class students. She’s having great success – amazing success – happy success! For the first time in her adult life she has been shedding weight rather than gaining weight. She has her emotions under control and she feels good. As of this week she is…

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Winter 2010 Weight Loss Results Are In!

By Jo Moon / March 23, 2010

Participants lost an average of 16 pounds!

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My Strok of Insight

By Jo Moon / October 11, 2008

One of the reasons I’m telling you about this book is because chapters 2 and 3 are really interesting to anyone curious about learning more on how their minds work.

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A Week of New Learning

By Jo Moon / August 3, 2008

It’s August 3 and I am very excited. I’m leaving this afternoon for a major conference and specialized training in Sports Hypnosis. This week, I’ll be adding to my Sports Hypnosis skills by training with Bob Reese. One of the special aspects of this trip is that I’ll be sharing the experience with a very…

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GYNCA Support Group

By Jo Moon / July 22, 2008

As you can see from my calendar of events, last Thursday evening I spoke for the local GYNCA New Hope Support Group. What a great group of ladies. I enjoyed my welcome and the opportunity to speak with so many interesting people. Since I love to speak and thoroughly enjoy an audience, I really got…

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