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Hypno-Beginning® for Safe Comfortable Childbirth


        According to a 1990 study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, women using self-hypnosis for childbirth have shorter labors, use less medication, experience less pain, and have babies with higher Apgar scores.


        Childbirth is no longer as your mother described it. It isn’t the frantic, panting, screaming events that you see on TV sitcoms. Mothers who choose to break the Tension-Fear-Pain cycle by practicing self-hypnosis are experiencing childbirth in total comfort.


        What a concept – comfortable childbirth. Not only is it possible, it happens, and it’s completely natural. Since the dawn of mankind, many women have experienced painless childbirth through hypnosis.


        In 2004, Dr. Natalie Fizet, an OB/GYN with over 2,200 deliveries, developed the Hypno-Beginning program. The results have been phenomenal. Mothers attend four classes during their last month of pregnancy. They learn self-hypnosis and then practice their new skills daily at home. By the onset of labor, mothers have confidently learned how to relax their bodies to such an extent that the baby delivers easily, naturally, and comfortably.


        The feeling they achieve is similar to Olympic athletes who are performing “in the zone.” It is a focused mindset that results from pushing aside the conscious mind and accessing the subconscious mind. Most people describe being in hypnosis as a profoundly relaxing experience. This makes it ideal for the event of childbirth.   



      Call Jo Moon, CHt. for details on the start date of the next class in Springfield, Missouri.







Jo Moon is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist licensed to teach the Hypno-Beginning Childbirth Course 














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Jo Moon

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