Hypnosis and ADD

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I have been studying ways of using hypnosis in order to help ADD children and adults to improve their focus and concentration. Both groups respond well to hypnosis during which they learn to improve their functionality, set goals and enhance follow through in order to complete projects, and achieve personal success.

Dr. Nancy Irwin is a renowned doctor of psychology and clinical hypnotherapist in private practice in Los Angeles. Here is a portion of an interview she did regarding ADD/ADHD:

” My first question is the obvious: Does hypnosis really work for people with ADHD?

Yes, it can work for any human being who is mentally stable, sober, and wants to overcome negative symptoms.   Basically, if you can sleep or be relaxed enough to receive a massage or meditate or do yoga, you can go into hypnotic trance.

Why is hypnosis effective for people with ADHD? 

Most ADHD-ers are dying to get off the “merry-go-round” of tension and anxiety.   I’ve treated many, and ironically the more hyper someone is, the faster and easier they are to get into trance!  I usually work with ADHD-ers and ADD-ers to gain focus, set realistic goals and attain them, be calmer, and use the condition as a gift vs. a “curse.”

Is everyone with ADHD a candidate for hypnosis treatment?

Nothing works for everyone (including medications). However, hypnosis cannot hurt anyone (as long as it is performed by a qualified professional), and anyone can learn self-hypnosis.  It’d be a great adjunct with medication and healthy lifestyle choices, and other self-monitoring techniques for managing ADHD.

Why is hypnosis not as common a treatment for ADHD as Medication or behavior modification therapy?

Because there are still so many who buy into the myths and old wives’ tales about hypnosis.  Stage hypnosis is the only frame of reference many have for hypnosis, and therapeutic hypnosis is nothing like that.  We treat health issues, motivation, confidence, goal attainment, and more – – not barking like a dog or singing like Elvis. Hypnosis certainly is becoming more mainstream, fortunately, and the trend will accelerate.  It is low-cost (compared to long-term therapy) and natural.”

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Jo Moon

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