GYNCA Support Group

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As you can see from my calendar of events, last Thursday evening I spoke for the local GYNCA New Hope Support Group. What a great group of ladies. I enjoyed my welcome and the opportunity to speak with so many interesting people.

Since I love to speak and thoroughly enjoy an audience, I really got into it on some of my life experiences and how I came to be a hypnotist. There’s nothing like having a soapbox to stand on and interested listeners.

After talking about the model of the mind and how hypnosis works, I recounted several stories about working with medical support hypnosis. Many people were unaware of the power of the subconscious mind and the positive effects hypnosis can contribute to a person’s overall sense of well-being and recovery.

Before the evening was over, I gave away a full-length hypnosis session to one group member who was lucky enough to have her name drawn out of the hat. Then, everyone else received a coupon for a HUGE discount on a session I give called “Instant Calm for Cancer Survivors.”

To wrap up the talk, I did a very short relaxation and visualization session with the ladies. Although it was only ten minutes in length, many of the gals reported they felt a lifting of stress and a feeling of calm. That prompted me to hand out a copy of my Stress Busting technique to everyone.

It is a personal pleasure to bring programs like this to groups in the community. If you want to have an enjoyable talk and a stress relief program for your civic club, church group, in service meeting, or other group meeting – just give me a call at (417) 848-7946. I’d be happy to come and speak for your group.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll win a free session, too.

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Jo Moon

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