Getting Over a Relationship

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Willie Nelson sang “You were always on my mind.” Most everyone has had that experience after a break-up.You just can’t get that person out of your mind. Maybe you loved them and they left. Or, maybe you were in a dysfunctional relationship and had to get out of it. The pain of the break-up just keeps running like an endlessly louped tape incessantly playing over and over and over again.

People often call and ask, “Can you give me amnesia? I don’t want to ever think about them again.”

Stop and consider for a moment how much more awful that would be – suddenly a whole segment of your life missing, erased. Why would you even want to lose one moment of good memories that occurred during that time? Remember, people with amnesia want their memories back, they want to know what happened to them. Many  search for the missing pieces – is that what you really want to do?

Perhaps the events of the relationship created really hurtful memories. Could your self-esteem be shattered? Let’s step back and really get a handle on what has transpired and where you want to relegate it in the course of your life.

What most people want to do is keep the relationship in proper perspective and move on. They don’t want to follow the same road back to personal misery again. It is important to regain self-esteem and personal power.

With hypnosis, clients can reduce the bitter sting of the break-up without having a mental lobotomy for memories related to the length of the relationship. They can find a new balance where that old relationship slides into a dusty file in the back of a box in a far away storage room. Triggers that bring up strong memories are transformed as an individual’s self-esteem improves.

Recently, one client stated at the end of their session that they didn’t know they could be so relaxed, euphoric and hopeful all at the same time.

As these new balances are found and improved upon, life gets better and better. Instead of letting memories run their life, clients discover how to handle life and relationships in new, healthful, and happy ways.

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Jo Moon

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