Ericksonian Hypnosis and a Conference on The Psychology of Health, Immunity and Disease by the Beach

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Ok, so I was a little hard to get on the phone early in December 2008, but I have to tell you that small inconvenience will make a huge difference in the sessions I do in the future. Although I learned some Ericksonian Hypnosis while going to school, I just had the opportunity to attend a three-day intensive presented by Bill O’Hanlon with detailed instruction on incorporating this into my work.

One of the interesting things about Bill is that he actually was a student of Erickson’s and not just someone who studied Erickson’s techniques. This first-hand connection truly authenticates the basis of his teachings. It was a great three days.

The beach part? The course was on beautiful Hilton Head Island in South Carolina as part of the NICABM conference on The Psychology of Health, Immunity, and Disease. Between classes I got sand in my shoes, in my pockets, and on my bagged lunch. But it was worth it.

I met leading Mind/Body health pioneers and researchers such as Norm Shealy, Dawson Church, Christine Page, Maggie Phillips, Carol Look, and Joe Dispenza amoung many others. Check out their websites for information on what they are writing about and teaching. They have all contributed to my understanding of how the mind is the master of the body and how our thoughts effect our health, our experiences, and our life.

It’s always good to awaken one’s thought processes and grow.

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Jo Moon

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