Corporate Tobacco Freedom Program

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Over the years, I have enjoyed helping hundreds of people become successful non-smokers. It’s great to receive calls and letters from clients saying how successful they have been. With the confidence of so many backing up my techniques, I’ve put together a dynamite 3-Step Program that I am offering to businesses.

Company’s love the success their employees achieve when large numbers of employees become non-smokers together. One of the best parts is that people become healthier very quickly. Imagine dodging the bullet when it comes to serious illnesses like COPD, emphysema, and cancer. That’s what stopping smoking does.

My program teaches easy-to-do techniques for eliminating cravings and moodiness and avoiding weight gain. And relaxation? Amazing is the term I hear so often. Time and time again I hear, “I didn’t know I could be so relaxed.” Who could resist that?

And just think of the advantage to those who become successful non-smokers. They save an incredible amount of money every year. Not only do they bank and enjoy the money saved by not purchasing tobacco products, they save money in other areas of their life such as lowered life insurance  premiums, few medical bills due to respitory issues (for themselves and their family members) and a cleaner, healthier home environment.

If you or someone you know wants to change their relationship with tobacco, I’d enjoy speaking with you about how they can change their life and become tobacco free.

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Jo Moon

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