Controlling Pain with Hypnosis

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I was talking about pain today and how debilitating it can be. A good friend has Fibromyalgia and suffers with discomfort in all twelve of the sensitive points. Additionally, I have several relatives that are chronic suffers due to the effects of some long-term arthritis issues.

When working with pain, it is important to understand that physical pain is a signal that something is amiss in the body. This is one area where it is so important to consult with your physician before using hypnosis to control pain. For instance, if you have severe headaches and eliminate the pain through hypnosis you may not have learned from a physician that there was a phyisological cause of the pain such as a brain tumor. That’s one reason I always insist that clients obtain perscriptions from their physician before embarking on a program of hypnotic pain control.

Clients I have worked with often find immediate and lasting relief from physical pain. Not long ago, I wrote about a client who had hernia surgery and took no chemical pain control medication after leaving the operating room.  It is also very useful in relieving ‘gut’ related pain from ulcers and IBS.

Recently, I talked with a client who saw me just before having disc fusion surgery. She needed to get her nerves and fear under control before going to the hospital. She was so pleased with her pre-surgery conditioning that resulted in rapid post-surgery recovery. This young mother was comfortably back to work and playing with her toddler long before the doctor’s original recovery expectations.

As I mentioned, hypnosis is not a substitute for medical care by your doctor, however it is an assistive complement to an integrative healing program.

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Jo Moon

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