Childbirth Classes using Hypnosis Starts in January 2009

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Have you ever heard of HypnoBirthing? HypnoBabies? HypnoBeginning? The Mongan Method? Or using hypnosis for a stress free, relaxed and comfortable childbirth? Now is the time to look into a new way to have a fabulous labor experinece.

A new Hypno-Beginning class will begin in mid-January 2009. The class will be held on Saturday mornings for four consecutive weeks beginning on January 17 and ending February 7. Each class is 2 hours in length. The mother and father/partner/coach are both expected to attend every session.

In order to keep the classroom quiet and provide a safe learning environment where you can practice techniques for a peaceful chemical-free birth, I am limiting the class to four couples.

Call early to reserve your place and to ask any questions regarding the use of hypnosis to create total anesthesia for your comfort and for the safety of your baby. I can be reached at 1-417-848-7946.

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Jo Moon

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