Chewers Get a Higher Hit of Nicotine and Hypnosis Can Help Them Stop

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I’d been doing some research on the effects of chewing tobacco and I was stunned. The delivery of nicotine in a days worth of chewing is about the equivalent of 60 cigarettes! And not only is there nicotine in chewing tobacco, there are nearly 2000 other chemicals – 28 of them known carcinogens. Take a look at the following list of charming chemicals:

Here are some of the chemicals found in your smokeless tobacco!
(and other common uses)

  1. Cadmium: used in car batteries
  2. Formaldehyde: embalming fluid
  3. Lead: a poison
  4. Nicotine: an addictive drug
  5. N-Nitrosamines: cancer-causing chemical
  6. Polonium 210: nuclear waste
  7. Acetaldehyde: irritant
  8. Hydrazine: toxic chemical
  9. Benzopyrene: cancer-causing chemical
  10. Uranium 235: used in nuclear weapons
  11. Sodium: salt, can cause high blood pressure
  12. Sugar: can cause cavities
  13. Fiberglass and Sand: abrasives

So, once you stop chewing and spend 72 hours getting the nicotine out of your system, you still need to do a detox program to get the heavy metals like cadmium out of your body!



The social pressure of chewing is huge among teens. They see star athletes chewing and think in order to be cool like their favorite major league pitcher that they have to chew and spit. Nobody told them that chewing  just like smoking actually reduces their athletic abilities.



Although chewers are more discrete than smokers since they aren’t putting up big clouds of smoke, no matter what their age or health, they are still doing damage to their bodies. Check out this list:




  • Gum disease:
    • Direct contact causes gums to recede resulting in the teeth becoming loose.
  • Tooth disease:
    • The large amounts of sugar in smokeless tobacco mixes with the plaque on your teeth. This eats away the tooth enamel and results in cavities and chronic painful sores.
  • Heart Disease:
    • A high and constant amount of nicotine entering your body can result in increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and irregular heart beats. Nicotine also constricts blood vessels resulting in slower reaction time and dizziness.
  • Reduced athletic performance:
    • Research has indicated that smokeless tobacco users have slower, more irregular movements and the nicotine may be detrimental to performance of complex tasks.
  • Spending time with just a few buds or alone:
    • Constantly spitting, having gunk in your teeth, having bad breath, and having brown teeth can sure cut down on your dating calendar.
  • Leukoplakia:
    • Juice from tobacco held in one place will irritate your mouth. White, leathery patches may form—this is called leukoplakia. The patches may be different in size, shape, and appearance. THESE ARE CONSIDERED PRECANCEROUS AND YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY IF YOU FIND ONE IN YOUR MOUTH.
  • Cancer:
    • Cancers usually occur where the tobacco is held in the mouth. Surgery for cancer of the mouth may lead to removal of parts of your face, lip, tongue, cheek, or lip.

If it’s time for you to quit this habit for life, come in and find out how hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques can assist you in changing your health and changing your life. Call 1-417-848-7946 for a no charge consultation.






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