Tobacco Cessation for Smokers and Chewers

Stop Smoking with a Lifetime Support – Click Here

By Jo Moon / January 2, 2018

Stop Smoking, Chewing, Vaping in one session with a Lifetime Support. Call today to schedule: 417-848-7946.

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Smoking Cessation: How Many Sessions will it Take?

By Jo Moon / June 15, 2011

Every smoker who calls or comes in for a no charge consultation asks me, “How many sessions will it take?” There is no out-of-the-box program that works for every smoker. Read on to learn about some of the different options offered based on your smoking profile.

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Karen says, “I don’t smoke! Thank you.”

By Jo Moon / April 11, 2011

Imagine how free you’ll feel once you, too, have kicked your old smoking habit using hypnosis!

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Corporate Tobacco Freedom Program

By Jo Moon / January 22, 2010

Amazing is the term I hear so often.

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Chewers Get a Higher Hit of Nicotine and Hypnosis Can Help Them Stop

By Jo Moon / March 15, 2009

I’d been doing some research on the effects of chewing tobacco and I was stunned. The delivery of nicotine in a days worth of chewing tobacco is about the equivalent of 60 cigarettes! And not only is there nicotine in smokeless tobacco, there are nearly 2000 other chemicals – 28 of them known carcinogens.

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Smoking Cessation and Hypnotherapy

By Jo Moon / September 1, 2008

There is nothing that I like more than helping someone dodge a lethal bullet to their health.

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