Medical Support Hypnosis

Will the Royal Birth of Duchess Kate Middleton’s Baby Be Made Easier Through Hypnosis?

By Jo Moon / July 21, 2013

Duchess Kate Middleton, like so many others, has learned that “getting into the right frame of mind” is vital to a comfortable and pleasant delivery. She is reportedly listening to childbirth hypnosis CD’s to assist in a happy pregnancy and peaceful delivery.

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Karen says, “I don’t smoke! Thank you.”

By Jo Moon / April 11, 2011

Imagine how free you’ll feel once you, too, have kicked your old smoking habit using hypnosis!

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Mesothelioma and Hypnosis

By Jo Moon / March 25, 2010

Clients have improved quality of life after learning self-hypnosis.

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CancerGuide Now in Springfield

By Jo Moon / September 22, 2009

I am so pleased to announce that in June 2009 I attended training with the Center for Mind/Body Medicine to become a CancerGuide. The training included lectures from leading experts from around the world. I met leading oncologists and scientists representing such institutions as Cancer Treatment Centers of America, MD Anderson, and the National Cancer…

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Hypnosis Can Ease Pain of Childbirth from GMA

By Jo Moon / January 2, 2009

Women use positive images and relaxation exercises to ease the pain of childbirth, and for many, the results have been outstanding. Self-hypnosis is not a new idea.

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Hypnosis is Being Used to Help Kids Get Through Their Cancer Treatments

By Jo Moon / August 16, 2008

This morning I came across a FOX news report regarding a young boy, Anthony, who has been using hypnosis to get through his cancer treatment since being diagnosed with a brain tumor. This young man was suffering PTSD and insomnia as a result of his treatment.  Anthony’s doctor utilized hypnosis, which is approved by the…

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Controlling Pain with Hypnosis

By Jo Moon / July 25, 2008

I was talking about pain today and how debilitating it can be. A good friend has Fibromyalgia and suffers with discomfort in all twelve of the sensitive points. Additionally, I have several relatives that are chronic suffers due to the effects of some long-term arthritis issues. When working with pain, it is important to understand…

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Woman Undergoes Knee Surgery without Anesthetic

By Jo Moon / July 18, 2008

I thought you’d be interested in seeing this video I have linked further down in the post. Recently, in the world news there have been a number of videos of surgeries performed without chemical anesthesia. The pain control method of choice is hypnosis. In Britain in the spring of 2008, a gentleman who has been…

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ABC News on the Benefits of Medical Support Hypnotism

By Jo Moon / June 20, 2008

Today a friend sent a link to a very interesting YouTube video on the use of medical support hypnotism. It is a story covered on ABC Television News recently regarding the benefits of hypnosis. The woman in the interview was using hypnosis for pain connected with breast surgery. (See my post from May 30, 2008 under Medical Support Hypnosis).…

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Easing the Fear of Surgery through Hypnosis

By Jo Moon / June 8, 2008

There seems to be a nearly universal truth about going into surgery:  no matter how calm a person appears on the outside or how resigned they are as to what is about to unfold, they are running the “what if” scenario in their mind. What if I have pain? What if it doesn’t work? What if…

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Using Hypnosis for Hernia Surgery

By Jo Moon / June 1, 2008

        Recently I worked with a gentleman in his late sixties who was entering the hospital for an outpatient hernia surgery. He was nervous about the surgery as he is the type of person who has a negative opinion regarding conventional medicine and anything having to do with hospitals. In fact, he had been delaying the…

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Using Hypnotherapy Prior to a Breast Biopsy

By Jo Moon / May 30, 2008

There was a national news story that came out in the summer of 2007 about the use of hypnosis for women undergoing breast biopsies. It appeared on ABC News on August 28. A few things that stand out from this report are that after a short hypnosis session: women spent less time in the operating…

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