Stop Smoking with a Lifetime Support – Click Here

By Jo Moon / January 2, 2018

Stop Smoking, Chewing, Vaping in one session with a Lifetime Support. Call today to schedule: 417-848-7946.

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Now Available: Zoom and Telephone Sessions – Click Here

By Jo Moon / June 28, 2015

Skype and telephone sessions are highly successful and clients report how much they enjoy them

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Generational Healing

By Jo Moon / December 13, 2013

Generational Healing – this technique can be used in so many difference circumstances to assist people with moving beyond inhibiting long held family beliefs and experiences.

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Getting Over a Relationship

By Jo Moon / June 6, 2010

Recently, one client stated at the end of their session that they didn’t know they could be so relaxed, euphoric and hopeful all at the same time.

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Spring 2010 Self-Hypnosis Workshops

By Jo Moon / March 12, 2010

Achieve your goals!

SELF-HYPNOSIS WORKSHOPS – Learn how to easily enter a state of self hypnosis and use the power of your subconscious mind to affect your mental and physical wellbeing. Classes at OTC.

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Ericksonian Hypnosis and a Conference on The Psychology of Health, Immunity and Disease by the Beach

By Jo Moon / December 28, 2008

Ok, so I was a little hard to get on the phone early in December 2008, but I have to tell you that small inconvenience will make a huge difference in the sessions I do in the future. Although I learned some Ericksonian Hypnosis while going to school, I just had the opportunity to attend…

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National Guild of Hypnosis Conference

By Jo Moon / August 16, 2008

This month I had the opportunity to attend the National Guild of Hypnosis Conference with my friend Maggie Ferrari of Transitions Hypnosis in East Greenbush, New York (Albany). We had a great time! Maggie and I had such an interesting time sharing information on the work we had been doing in our individual practices and…

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Hypnosis is Being Used to Help Kids Get Through Their Cancer Treatments

By Jo Moon / August 16, 2008

This morning I came across a FOX news report regarding a young boy, Anthony, who has been using hypnosis to get through his cancer treatment since being diagnosed with a brain tumor. This young man was suffering PTSD and insomnia as a result of his treatment.  Anthony’s doctor utilized hypnosis, which is approved by the…

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Fear of Flying Transformed

By Jo Moon / August 4, 2008

It just so happened that my business trip flight to the East Coast coincided with a call from someone who was flying West with her family and she was fearful of getting on any plane. My preference is to meet clients in the office and go over a lot of information regarding hypnosis before beginning a session.…

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Controlling Pain with Hypnosis

By Jo Moon / July 25, 2008

I was talking about pain today and how debilitating it can be. A good friend has Fibromyalgia and suffers with discomfort in all twelve of the sensitive points. Additionally, I have several relatives that are chronic suffers due to the effects of some long-term arthritis issues. When working with pain, it is important to understand…

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GYNCA Support Group

By Jo Moon / July 22, 2008

As you can see from my calendar of events, last Thursday evening I spoke for the local GYNCA New Hope Support Group. What a great group of ladies. I enjoyed my welcome and the opportunity to speak with so many interesting people. Since I love to speak and thoroughly enjoy an audience, I really got…

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Woman Undergoes Knee Surgery without Anesthetic

By Jo Moon / July 18, 2008

I thought you’d be interested in seeing this video I have linked further down in the post. Recently, in the world news there have been a number of videos of surgeries performed without chemical anesthesia. The pain control method of choice is hypnosis. In Britain in the spring of 2008, a gentleman who has been…

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