CancerGuide Now in Springfield

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I am so pleased to announce that in June 2009 I attended training with the Center for Mind/Body Medicine to become a CancerGuide. The training included lectures from leading experts from around the world. I met leading oncologists and scientists representing such institutions as Cancer Treatment Centers of America, MD Anderson, and the National Cancer Institute. The amazing people who attended the conference were all interested in assisting people in moving through their experience of cancer.

Since that conference, I am working with people helping them to navigate their cancer treatment and recovery. Part of my training included researching information, tips, and suggestions to assist clients in knowing more about their treatment and recovery options. As a hypnotist, I do hypnosis, guided imagery, and EFT sessions with cancer clients to help them reduce stress and create a positive vision for their future. Research in integrative oncology has shown hypnosis and guided imagery assistive in helping cancer patients to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. In surgery situations, people using mind/body techniques spend less time in the operating room and recovery more quickly.

There is no need for someone with cancer to suffer from stress or fear while undergoing treatment. That’s where a CancerGuide comes in to the picture to be assistive with healing.

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Jo Moon

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