Birth Companions Assist in Creating a Natural and Comfortable Childbirth through Hypnosis

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I am really impressed with how wonderfully both mom’s and dad’s-to-be do with their classes in hypnosis for childbirth. Often there is a high level of anticipation during the first class. By the end of the session, though, it is such a pleasure to see how very calm and relaxed parents are able to become.

Frequently, I’ve seen dad’s who just don’t know how to be supportive birth companions. After a few weeks and some at home practice, they find their own soothing voice and techniques to help ease their wife into a comfortable and peaceful state where the birth of the baby is a quiet, relaxed and joyous occassion.

Birth companions, whether they are the father, another relative, doula, midwife, or just a devoted friend can all have a huge impact on a successful birthing experience. While moms are in a quiet state of hypnosis, their companions have a very important role to play. Companions are the primary gate keepers for creating the perfect environment for a woman in labor. They guard the door from intrusive visitors as well as overly noisy medical personnel.

Companions learn hypnosis anchoring techniques that can assist moms to refocus if their peaceful environment is breached or if they temporarily loose focus and concentration. By going through the entire hypnosis for childbirth course with the mother-to-be, companions learn all the same techniques and how to coach laboring moms on their hypnotic journey.

Birth companions can be assistive in many ways and often, just their presence can make a laboring mom more relaxed. It’s a joyful feeling to be assistive in bringing a new life into the world. As a teacher of hypnosis for childbirth, I am always happy to meet with physicians and maternity ward nurses to instruct them on the quickly evolving trend in childbirth hypnosis.


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Jo Moon

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