A Week of New Learning

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It’s August 3 and I am very excited. I’m leaving this afternoon for a major conference and specialized training in Sports Hypnosis. This week, I’ll be adding to my Sports Hypnosis skills by training with Bob Reese.

One of the special aspects of this trip is that I’ll be sharing the experience with a very good friend who trained in the same class that I did at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. Although there will be thousands of hypnotists at the National Guild of Hypnotists Conference, there is nothing like going with a friend.

Also, it will be a treat go get away from the 105 degree heat index expected over the next few days and enjoy the cool summer evenings of New England.

I’ll be checking my email daily, so please write or call as usual. I’ll respond as quickly as I am able.

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Jo Moon

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