Pain Control

Hypnosis Can Ease Pain of Childbirth from GMA

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from ABC's Good Morning America. To view the full article click here. Hypnosis Can Ease Pain of Childbirth May 7 Tania Lapointe is the happy mother of three young children. But when she recalls giving birth to her two boys, 5-year-old Guille and 2-year-old Philip, she is not exactly overcome by a warm, ...

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Controlling Pain with Hypnosis

I was talking about pain today and how debilitating it can be. A good friend has Fibromyalgia and suffers with discomfort in all twelve of the sensitive points. Additionally, I have several relatives that are chronic suffers due to the effects of some long-term arthritis issues. When working with pain, it is important to understand that ...

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