Chewers Get a Higher Hit of Nicotine and Hypnosis Can Help Them Stop

I'd been doing some research on the effects of chewing tobacco and I was stunned. The delivery of nicotine in a days worth of chewing is about the equivalent of 60 cigarettes! And not only is there nicotine in chewing tobacco, there are nearly 2000 other chemicals - 28 of them known carcinogens. Take a look at the following list of charming ...

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Ericksonian Hypnosis and a Conference on The Psychology of Health, Immunity and Disease by the Beach

Ok, so I was a little hard to get on the phone early in December 2008, but I have to tell you that small inconvenience will make a huge difference in the sessions I do in the future. Although I learned some Ericksonian Hypnosis while going to school, I just had the opportunity to attend a three-day intensive presented by Bill O'Hanlon with ...

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