Cancer Issues

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The American Cancer Association has a book titled: A Breast Cancer Journey (2006) which is a very good guide for women who need to make important health care choices once they have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Besides page after page of treatment guidlines for patients provided by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, the book has wo...

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ABC News on the Benefits of Medical Support Hypnotism

Today a friend sent a link to a very interesting YouTube video on the use of medical support hypnotism. It is a story covered on ABC Television News recently regarding the benefits of hypnosis. The woman in the interview was using hypnosis for pain connected with breast surgery. (See my post from May 30, 2008 under Medical Support Hypnosis)....

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Using Hypnotherapy Prior to a Breast Biopsy

There was a national news story that came out in the summer of 2007 about the use of hypnosis for women undergoing breast biopsies. It appeared on ABC News on August 28. A few things that stand out from this report are that after a short hypnosis session: women spent less time in the operating room, required less chemical anesthesia, and ...

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Using Hypnotism Hypnotherapy for Cancer Care

     Today I want to say a few things about the use of hypnosis for people facing cancer. First - it helps. I know it helps because I am a cancer survivor and the use of hypnotherapy changed the way I experienced cancer.      To begin, hypnosis is commonly used to assist people in removing fears and apprehensions in their lives. When ...

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