What is Hypnosis?

Very simply stated, hypnosis is a relaxed yet altered state of conciousness where the critical factor is relaxed thus allowing communication between the concious and subconcious aspects of the mind.

What Does Being Hypnotized Feel Like?

Most people describe hypnosis as profoundly relaxing. They find their bodies will sometimes feel very light or weightless and at other times they may have a heavy sinking feeling. However, most find they are so relaxed they simply have no desire to move during the session. While in hypnosis, people typically hear and remember everything that is said and, in fact, they can easily speak and respond to questions. Upon emerging from the hypnotic state, clients normally feel very refreshed, relaxed, and motivated regarding the changes they are making in their life.

Will I Lose Control Or Do Something Against My Will?

No. You are always in control and you won’t do anything that conflicts with your basic value system. The hypnotist is the guide who assists you in achieving your specific goal/s for the session. You’ll accept suggestions that resonate with your desires and easily reject anything that does not feel harmonious. Because you are in control, if there were some form of emergency, you would naturally emerge from hypnosis and easily be able to deal the the problem immediately.

Can I Get Stuck In A Hypnotic Trance?

There has never been a terminal case of hypnosis reported. What I have seen happen is that some people enjoy the state of hypnosis so much that they simply want to linger there where it is so relaxing and peaceful. However, the hypnotist has easy techniques to help their clients to emerge from hypnosis to full consciousness. And, the client can take themselves out of hypnosis whenever the choose.

Is Hypnosis Like A Truth Serum?

Hypnosis in not a truth serum. As a matter of fact, clients can stretch the truth while in hypnosis.