Most Popular Hypnosis Services

Tobacco Cessation: Is it your time to finally be free? Become one of the many who easily stop smoking or quit chewing through the use of hypnosis. If this is your time and you are ready to change your life, schedule your “Stop Smoking for Life” sessions now. Even 2 pack a day 50 year smokers have had success in making this transition to a healthier life. Make a commitment to your success and breathing free.

Weight Issues: Imagine being in total control of food in your life. Most people think of weight issues as needing to lose weight but there are some folks who need to put on weight. Whatever the case in your life, whether it’s hooked on soft drinks or hating your veggies, hypnotic techniques can help you in moving beyond the behaviors that cause the weight to pack on or the extra pounds to remain elusive. Sessions help you to be in control and to think of food in a wholesome new way.

Stress Reduction: Learning to let go is one of the most healthful things you can do for your mind, body, and spirit. Consider what life will be like once you feel more comfortable and at ease. Stress control techniques, once learned, become automatic. Self-hypnotic techniques aid in lowering blood pressure, turning away panic and anxiety, boosting the immune system and so much more.

Sports Performance: Is hypnosis one of the greatest secrets of professional athletes? For those in the know, it’s no secret, but for those who don’t know – oh boy, are they missing the biggest piece of the peak performance puzzle! Winning athletes know that success is 80- 90% mental conditioning to 10-20% physical training. Get in the “know” and play in the “zone”.

General Hypnosis Services

Mental Conditioning: Getting into the right mindset for success is paramount in today’s competitive world. Stopping negative thought patterns and focusing on success mindedness naturally moves you towards accomplishing your goals.

Children’s Issues: Kids have troubles, too. Image what it’s like to be 9 and still wetting the bed; or, in the 3rd and being too afraid to go to sleep. Problems such as these can really derail a child’s life. Children enjoy engaging their subconscious mind and make rapid changes using hypnosis.

Self-Hypnosis: Learn time proven techniques to take yourself into a focused mindset to accelerate positive change in your life.

Focus & Concentration: Feeling a bit fuzzy and distracted? We all do at times. Learn how to turn off outside distractions and fully focus on the task at hand.

Fears: It is said that public speaking is the number one fear from which people suffer. Others on the list are heights, snakes, flying, and falling. The list goes on and on. Be amazed at how you can move from fear into certainty that you can handle your response and feel great.

Test Stress: Ever feel stressed out when put on the spot to answer a question? Students of all ages can relate to sitting for an exam after studying and then not being able to recall the answers they studied just moments beforehand. For youngsters and young adults sometimes the pressure of graduating brings on too much stress. For adults it’s the critical need to pass the real estate or the financial planner exams that have a direct impact on career and income. Hypnotic techniques help students of any age to calmly retrieve needed information and ace their tests.

Unwanted habits: Sometimes habits get in the way and begin controlling our lives. Negative actions such as hair pulling, nail biting, and nose picking can really get in our way personally and professionally. Imagine life without the embarrassment of doing something that you wish you could stop but haven’t controlled up to now. Real freedom comes from living life without unwanted repetitive actions.

Health and Comfort Issues

Dental Support Hypnosis: From fear of dental procedures to better compliance with doctor’s orders hypnosis can enhance dental health. Hypnosis has been used to control bruxism, tongue thrusting, gag reflex, stress, and pain.

Medical Support Hypnosis: There are many areas of healing that can be supported though the use of mind/body techniques such as hypnosis. Hypnosis has been shown to be effective at helping people prepare for surgery, increase compliance with prescribed medical treatment, and envision and accelerate healing.

Pain Control: Acute and chronic pain can drastically impact quality of life. With a physician authorization, hypnosis clients are able to learn skills to enhance comfort and improve personal outlook.