Tobacco Cessation for Smokers and Chewers

Smoking Cessation: How Many Sessions will it Take?

  Every smoker who calls or comes in for a no charge consultation asks me, "How many sessions will it take?" The best answer I have is based on each individuals smoking profile. Many, many people who are ready, ready, ready and can't wait to be smoke-free have stopped smoking in one power-packed session. (I spend about 2 - 2 1/2 ...

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Karen says, “I don’t smoke! Thank you.”

Recently Karen came to my office wanting to quit smoking. She has advanced emphysema and carries an oxygen tank with her wherever she goes. After 3 sessions, I received a phone message from her. Listen to Karen. In her own words she says: Karen and I don't smoke Imagine how free you'll feel once you, too, have kicked your old smoking habit ...

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Corporate Tobacco Freedom Program

Over the years, I have enjoyed helping hundreds of people become successful non-smokers. It's great to receive calls and letters from clients saying how successful they have been. With the confidence of so many backing up my techniques, I've put together a dynamite 3-Step Program that I am offering to businesses. Company's love the success ...

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Chewers Get a Higher Hit of Nicotine and Hypnosis Can Help Them Stop

I'd been doing some research on the effects of chewing tobacco and I was stunned. The delivery of nicotine in a days worth of chewing is about the equivalent of 60 cigarettes! And not only is there nicotine in chewing tobacco, there are nearly 2000 other chemicals - 28 of them known carcinogens. Take a look at the following list of charming ...

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Smoking Cessation and Hypnotherapy

I've  recently read that about 70% of smokers wish they could quit. Many have tried hard to quit on their own, either going cold turkey or using over the counter aids like The Patch or nicotine gums. Others, in desperation, have gone to see their doctors and get prescriptions to help. Even with stop smoking aids, a lot of smokers just can't ...

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