Personal Growth

Generational Healing

I'm just back from the International Board of Hypnotherapy's annual symposium where I learned a valuable new technique for stopping cycles of experience that generationally run through families. The woman we observed in the demonstration is pre-diabetic. Diabetes runs through her family as far back as she can trace. The teacher demonstrated a ...

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Getting Over a Relationship

Willie Nelson sang "You were always on my mind." Most everyone has had that experience after a break-up.You just can't get that person out of your mind. Maybe you loved them and they left. Or, maybe you were in a dysfunctional relationship and had to get out of it. The pain of the break-up just keeps running like an endlessly louped tape ...

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National Guild of Hypnosis Conference

This month I had the opportunity to attend the National Guild of Hypnosis Conference with my friend Maggie Ferrari of Transitions Hypnosis in East Greenbush, New York (Albany). We had a great time! Maggie and I had such an interesting time sharing information on the work we had been doing in our individual practices and learning from others ...

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Enter and Maintain the Leisure Mindset during your Staycation

There's that new word we are hearing a lot this summer - staycation. What exactly is a staycation? The word has been around for at least five years according to Where a vacation is based on the idea of getting away - vacating, a staycation is based on the concept of staying - not getting away. Basically, a staycation is holiday ...

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