Smoking Cessation and Hypnotherapy

I’veĀ  recently read that about 70% of smokers wish they could quit. Many have tried hard to quit on their own, either going cold turkey or using over the counter aids like The Patch or nicotine gums. Others, in desperation, have gone to see their doctors and get prescriptions to help.

Even with stop smoking aids, a lot of smokers just can’t seem to stop. It’s not that they are wishy-washy about it, it’s just that nothing seems to work right for them. They are just one group of smokers. The other is the group that manages to quit but then starts up again a week or two later.

I have found that using hypnotherapy techniques can help both groups to be successful.

It’s interesting, many smokers find that quitting is actually easier than they thought it would be. Also, I’m impressed with how much knowledge smokers have about quitting techniques. They seem to do their research.

There is lots of information out there that is very helpful. In particular, I think the website for Healthy Life Centers has great information. Also, Oprah has some very useful information that is well worth reading on her website. Most of it is from Dr. Oz and is really helpful stuff. In particular, the article on how to deal with other smokers has help for all those who stand to lose their smoking buddies. The American Lung Association is another important resource for stopping smoking support.

The other week, I had a client in the office who had a cancer scare. It was really bad. Her doctor had been warning her for years to quit but she just liked it too much to stop. I saw her just after her biopsy and let me tell you, was she scared. Her motivation to quit was over the edge. She was willing to do whatever it took to get off cigarettes and stay off for the rest of her life. I saw her several times and we did hypnosis on various aspects of her smoking. She actually quit after the first visit, but wanted to be absolutely positively certain she would not ever start back again so she came in a few more times. Well, she dodged the bullet but said she never wanted that gun pointed at her head again. Her quitting has been successful and, no, she didn’t replace smoking with overeating or any other self-destructive habit. Boy, is she over it now and she had smoked for over 35 years!

Recently, I wrote a 16 page booklet that I give to my smoking cessation clients. In it, I have several exercises that help with relaxation and craving issues that clients use on their own after having started their stop smoking program. If you are ready to quit, then I’m ready to give you a copy of the booklet. There is nothing that I like more than helping someone dodge a lethal bullet to their health.