Fear of Flying Transformed

It just so happened that my business trip flight to the East Coast coincided with a call from someone who was flying West with her family and she was fearful of getting on any plane. My preference is to meet clients in the office and go over a lot of information regarding hypnosis before beginning a session. However, this was an emergency so we worked over the phone. I couldn’t leave a fellow passanger in such an agitated state.

This client was in a quiet and comfortable place in her home with ear phones on. We spent some time talking about how she was feeling before we began the session. When it was over, she said she was feeling  better and not so tense. The taxi was waiting to take her to the airport.

Just a few hours later, I flew out from the same terminal. It occurred to me that I personally have booked more than half a million miles in the air. I couldn’t have done that if I had the same discomfort this client experienced.

I told the client to call if she needed to talk to me while she was traveling. No call came.

However, today, I received an email from her family saying that she had a very good trip without any troubles. It is simply amazing when someone is able to transform their life so much that they can do the things they truly want to do without fear interrupting their life.

That is one of the keys to her rapid recovery – her undering standing that fear , for her, was nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real. This understanding has helped her to gain a new level of self-awareness and self-confidence.