Past Life Regression

Recently several people have asked me about Past Life Regression (PLR) sessions. There has been quite a bit of public talk about this since Oprah had Dr. Brian Weiss on her show early in May 2008. So many people I have spoken with have never heard of this before and are very curious about their own past lives.

Personally, I had started PLR as a client in the early 80’s. The memories of those sessions and the lives I experienced are still vivid in my mind. It was educational to have a friend who did many of these sessions and invited me as an observer where I learned his techniques. For fun, I did sessions with family and friends and still remember many details of those profound early sessions.

Brian Weiss published “Many Lives, Many Masters” in 1988. It was one of the first books I read on the subject. It was interesting in that it provided validation for many of my life experiences. Since that time, many additional books have been published on the subject.

PLR can provide insights into current life situations and behaviors.